the marble cellar

Located on the site of Historic Concord’s marble finishing shop is The Marble Cellar, a world-class massage therapy space unlike any other. Marble is metamorphic rock. In its raw and untreated condition, it appears dull and lifeless. Yet, in the hands of skilled artisans, with proper time and attention, each piece of marble is transformed to reveal its own unique character as an original work of art. This is a beautiful image of our lives and makes The Marble Cellar the perfect environment for healing and transformation. Little did Walter Woods imagine over a century ago that one day his marble finishing shop would become a destination for healing and transforming lives, as they are honed and polished by our highly dedicated and talented team of massage therapists.


the marble cellar team

The Marble Cellar massage therapy team has over 40 years of combined professional experience in a wide range of bodywork modalities. These therapeutic massage techniques include orthopedic, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, AIS (active isolated stretching), Chinese cupping, relaxation, pregnancy, and injury rehabilitation. Their career paths are equally accomplished and diverse having worked in professional settings from sports and physical therapy clinics to the renowned Farmhouse Spa at Blackberry Farm.

What unifies the Marble Cellar Massage team is their belief that healing is a very personalized experience and their commitment to provide a highly focused level of detail and attention in the process. These experienced professionals are dedicated to your healing and wellbeing each and every step of the way.

the marble cellar massage

The Marble Cellar Massage is truly a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive massage experience highly personalized for your senses – touch, lighting, sound, aroma, and refreshment. Each 90 minute session provides 60+ minutes of therapist time followed by a period of personal relaxation and refreshment in the adjoining quiet room. All session services, such as aromatherapy and hot towels, even tip & gratuity*, are covered in the cost of the session.

The Iaomai Signature Marble Cellar Massage

The Iaomai Signature Massage incorporates a variety of massage techniques based on your individual needs. From relaxation and stress reduction to specific areas of pain and tension, using a variety of techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretching. Your therapist will work with you to create the massage that is perfect for you. Like all Marble Cellar Massages, the Iaomai Signature Massage is an all-inclusive 90 minute session.

The Iaomai Signature Marble Cellar Massage $150*

The Couples Retreat

Experiences are always best shared. Enjoy the Marble Cellar Massage with a friend or family member. Utilizing the adjoining quiet room, the Marble Cellar is ideally suited for use as a single open space for your Couples Massage or can easily be partitioned to provide a higher level of personal privacy, if desired. Like the Iaomai Signature Massage, our The Couples Retreat is an all-inclusive 90 minute session.

The Couples Retreat $250*

Four Healing Hands

For those times when you simply need your mind to rest, our Four Hands Massage is the ultimate in stress management and mental relaxation. Dual therapists with years of experience working together coordinate their every movement entirely for your benefit. The result – your mind simply can not process all the contemporaneous sensations and thus, is forced to rest. Like the Iaomai Signature Massage,  Four Healing Hands is an all-inclusive 90 minute session.

Four Healing Hands $250*

*The price for each marble cellar service includes a 20% gratuity.