the back story

At 40, Amy was at the top of her game, owning a successful business that helped people save money on their healthcare expenses. At annual benefit meetings, she often reminded employees of the importance of having their annual exams. And yet, she was “too busy” for her own. During an especially busy week preparing to host her brother’s wedding, one phone call from her doctor changed everything. Cancer calling.

A few short weeks later, in the aftermath of a total radical hysterectomy, Amy did not recognize her life – her body, mental state, feelings or emotions. When she found herself still reeling at her one year follow up, she asked her doctor if he knew of anybody that could help her. His response, “I wish I did.” His response left Amy on her own to pull together all the help she needed to regain control of her life.


Amy Iaomai Center Knoxville
Amy Iaomai Center Knoxville

Despite her healthcare knowledge, it was still very time consuming to locate, select and coordinate the various resources needed. With the guidance, support and encouragement of these caring professionals, Amy gained strength for the very difficult work of facing many hard truths about her life – her body, relationships, expectations, priorities, and even dreams. In doing this, she began her healing journey. A little over a year later, her doctor barely recognized her; healthy by any criteria – medical, mental, emotional.

Today, Amy’s healing journey continues. It’s led her to establish The Iaomai Center, a unique and personal space for healing and wellbeing in Knoxville. Now, she enjoys being a part of Iaomai’s caring and dedicated team of professionals. Ask this former CPA turned yoga and massage therapist what drives her today, and she’ll quickly tell you. “I want to use all that I’ve experienced and am still learning to help others. I really believe it’s why I’m here.”